Impact Biomedical Inc. is an emerging human healthcare company and is a wholly owned subsidiary of DSS, Inc. The company is evaluating strategic options to accelerate value creation and has an existing collection of technology assets, distribution rights, and investments.


Impact Biomedical Inc. is a unique provider of natural and plant-based technology and business partner in addressing unmet needs in human healthcare and wellness.


Impact Biomedical develops valuable and unique patented technologies which could be licensed to pharmaceutical companies and venture capitalists in exchange for an agreed payment (fee or royalty). This interest will rise as the validating data becomes available.

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Tell me more about Impact BioMedical Share Distribution.

DSS shareholders of record on that date will be entitled to four (4) shares of Impact Biomedical Inc. for every one (1) share of DSS.

Impact Biomedical shares are registered under CUSIP Number 45259L 106. Shares will not be eligible for resale until 180 days from the date Impact BioMedical’s initial public offering (IPO) becomes effective under the Securities Act, subject to the Company’s discretion to lift the restriction at an earlier date.

Shares should be reflected in your investment account holding your DSS shares already, although the company is aware of some delays with certain firms.

Shareholders are encouraged to contact their respective investment brokers if their accounts do not reflect the distribution yet.

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